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Petrol in Diesel in Greater London

Petrol can easily be put in the diesel vehicle because diesel inlet size is bigger than petrol inlet. So if this mistake is easily to make with regards to this situation the solution is also very easy and 99.9% able to fix it. If you put petrol in diesel vehicle it will damage most of the things which are not covered in the insurance policy but if you found it out early you can save yourself with more damage. The most dangerous thing is that petrol is very flammable and therefore the most important thing is your safety along with those who are with you at that time.

Have you put Petrol in Diesel in Greater London?

When you put petrol in diesel vehicle it will go through the lines and will critically damage the fuel pump and fuel injection system and also the engine itself. Which will cause the death of your vehicle’s engine? There are many reasons because of which this mistake can happen easily. But if you are in any of the following situation don’t worry. It can be easily fixed. Just call the Auto Fuel Doctor.

Our Wrong Fuel Services

The service providers will be on their way to help you out and get you out of this problem. The most important step which has to be taken is that when you know you have put the wrong fuel in the tank. Immediately grab the keys out of the ignition and don’t start the engine. Because it can cause savior damage by priming the fuel pump. Just wait for the service provider to arrive and do the process. When a vehicle is in the situation like, wrong fuel in the fuel tank first of all the fuel has to be drained out fully.

Auto Fuel Doctor

Because when the petrol is filled by mistake in diesel vehicle the petrol in diesel works as solvent when mixed with the diesel. And then it cause reducing the lubricant which results in knocking and most extreme failure of the engine. So the service provider will drain out the petrol and the vehicle fuel system and fuel lines will be flushed thoroughly with diesel and after that, your vehicle will be ready and you can put the diesel again and use your vehicle tension free. Our service provider will put enough fuel in the vehicle that will get you going. Our make focus is to prevent the customers from having this type of mistake will less loss and repair bill but above all of these their safety is more important.

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